To reach persons for bible Study, to teach the bible, to witness to persons about Christ and lead them into church membership.  The Sunday Church School leads members to worship God and to under gird the work of the church and denomination. Goals and Objectives 1.  Effectively and biblically teach God’s Word in various classroom settings through various age groups. 2.  Evangelize the lost, the least and the last. 3.  Foster, nurture and promote discipleship among the church. 4.  Engage in regular study of God’s Word through group bible study for teachers and staff. 5.  Actively  promote and support other ministries of Saint James Missionary Baptist Church. Roles/Functions 1.  Engage in regular, systematic, organized Bible Study. 2.  Design classes to meet spiritual needs of all ages. 3.  Promote principles that will help students grow and become effective witnesses for Christ and the advancements of the kingdom of God. Offices Director Assistant Director Secretary Assistant Secretary Division Directors: Children Junior, Senior, and Youth Young Adult and Adult I-IV Outreach Director Assistant Outreach Director