REVEREND GEORGE T. BROOKS, SR. received a B.A. Degree from the American Baptist College and was an outstanding honor student and a Master of Divinity from Faith Evangelical Seminary in Tacoma, Washington.  He received a Doctor of Divinity Degree from the Shiloh Theological Seminary in Stafford, Virginia.

He is married to Sarah Brooks and has a daughter, Octavia and son, the Reverend George T. Brooks, Jr.  He is the grandfather of seven and the great grandfather of four.

Reverend Brooks pastored the Friendship Baptist Church, Cross Plains, Tennessee and is presently pastor of the Saint James Missionary Baptist Church, where he has served since June, 1984.  He also served as the director of Pastoral Studies Field Work and Practical Christian Service at American Baptist College for three years.

He has been very active in other religious and civic activities.  He is a former commissioner of the Historical Commission and the Human Relation Commissions of Metropolitan Nashville Davidson County.  He is a member of 100 Black Men of Middle Tennessee.  He served two years as second vice moderator of the Little Fork District Association, seven years as president of the Congress of the Missionary Baptist State Convention Of Tennessee, two years as deputy secretary of the Christian Education Board of the National Baptist Convention Of America, Incorporated and two years as the chairman of that same board.  He served as the second vice moderator of the Nashville City Missionary Baptist District Association for eight years.

Our Pastor & Wife

Reverend Brooks was elected president of the Missionary Baptist State Convention of Tennessee October 1995, which gave him leadership to some 130 churches in the Middle Tennessee Area.  He served until July 2003.  He was appointed director of the Congress of Christian Workers of the National Baptist Convention of America, Inc. in September 2003 and served until September 2009.  He was then appointed fourth vice president.

Out of his concern for the community, he and the church gave two lots to Habitat for Humanity, which house non-church members.  This venture created an interest at heart that led him to a joint venture between the church and the private sector to develop and build 52 affordable houses.

He has received numerous awards and has written thirty-three books. Some are: Fruits of Fellowship, Believing As Baptists, Praising And Worshiping God, The Pastor’s Love Offering, Saved, Satisfied And Secure, Offering God My Substance And Myself, Great Sermons From Our Past, The Covenant We Practice, The Letter To The Colossians, From The Heart Of The President, and God’s Use Of A Man Called Nehemiah. These books and others are available on Logos, one of the most comprehensive computer Bible programs available today.

He is the proud pastor of the Saint James Missionary Baptist Church.  By the leading of the Holy Spirit, his consistent challenge to the church is to strive to become “A Church To Match This Hour.”